Polished Arrow

Isaiah 49:2b

He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.

New International Version

About Polished Arrow

Polished Arrow is a 501C3 non-Profit organization made up of all volunteers. We desire to see the truth of Jesus revealed to all people. We believe that First Nations believers offer a perspective in the context of culture that reveals the truth and the love of Christ to the Nations. We promote the redemption of Native American Culture for this purpose and encourage all believers to see the value that cultures bring to our common faith in Jesus.

Here is our brochure that describes more of what we do.

What Polished Arrow Does

Polished Arrow provides a number of services in many communities. Contact us for more details. Many of these include:

  1. Newsletters
  2. First Nations Christian Resources
  3. First Nations Directory
  4. Outreaches
  5. On Target Program

Newsletters / Communication

Polished Arrow sends out weekly newsletters by email, announcing upcoming events, gatherings, pow wows in communities across the US as well as other countries. Like the directory, our newsletters serve to keep us connected and aware. Our newsletters are also posted to our Facebook page. If you would like to receive the newsletter by email, you can add your email to our distribution list. If you would like to take a look at our Facebook page and retrieve it there, you can access our Facebook page, Polished Arrow Journey of Healing. You can also view a sample newsletter.

Polished Arrow Journey of Healing is a Facebook page where we do a biblical study of healing. Sometimes, we share a simple verse that encourages and heals the spirit. Sometimes we study the healing stories in the old and New Testament. A discussion board is available for anyone to share their understandings, comments, and insights into these stories. Sometimes, we post prayers. "Homework" assignments are rare but are given. Each of the gifts will be explored in this manner, allowing anyone to share in the teaching and understanding.

First Nations Christian Resources

We've been providing First Nations (Native American) Christian resources to the public and to other qualifying ministries and individuals since 2000. We take these resources to Pow Wows and other events and gatherings. Many of these resources are available in the Bookstore at this website.

Have you ever been in a large church with a bookstore? You might find worship music from Australia (HillSongs) or England. You may find books written by Paul Yonggi Cho or T.D. Jakes. No matter what your nationality is, you were probably blessed by these writers and worship leaders. Have you ever seen any books written by Lakota Christians or Cherokee or Mohawk worship music in these bookstores? We have not. We believe these resources will bless you and allow you to see even more of Jesus through the eyes of First Nations people.

First Nations Directory

Polished Arrow maintains a directory of First Nations ministries, churches, and other resources. This directory is available online at this website. We make it available to help individuals locate churches to attend or ministries to partner with. The directory is organized by Country, State or Province, and City with an extensive index in the back that lists by denomination, reservation, pastor name, etc. Please do not use the information to add these ministries to your distribution lists or mailings without their permission.


Polished Arrow takes Native American Christian Resources to the Pow Wows and other events and gatherings. Our Pow Wow program allows us to set up a booth at the pow wows in vendor locations. We provide information to the general public (Bibles, Four Directions or Sacred 4 Tracts, and other First Nations resources) at no charge. We also put books, music, videos, flutes, and prints out for donation.

Polished Arrow also provides a 501C3 covering in the U.S. for two ministries in Canada. One is Street Church / First Nations Bible College, founded by Randy Barnetson. The other is Dr.Cheryl Bear Barnetson, who is councilor for her tribe, teacher, speaker, and gifted music minister.

In additiona, Polished Arrow provides a 501C3 covering in the U.S. for Pastors Joseph and Martha Manzo and Mike Littlevoice. We enable and equip them to go to reservations, churches, and other locations where the message of Jesus is needed.

On Target Program

Polished Arrow has an On Target program that will provide Native Christian resources to individuals/small groups that plan outreaches to or discipleship programs with First Nations people. The resources are provided at no cost to these qualifying individuals. Resources are available that are suitable for child to adult ages and distributed on a first come first serve basis each year.