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Meet Jesus

How Do I Accept Jesus?

Let me tell you a story. Grandfather has many sons and daughters. He loves all of them the same. And He…

The Sacred Road

Creator God created all of mankind to walk a path of beauty, a Sacred Road. Man, in his arrogance, walked away from that path, so Creator God sent us a representative.

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You will find Worship CDs, Flutes, Prints, Books, Language resources, art and so much more in the Polished Arrow Bookstore.

Meet Bryan Brightcloud

Creator God created all of mankind to walk a path of beauty, a Sacred Road. Man, in his arrogance, walked away from that path, so Creator God sent us a representative, a two-legged, to show us the way back to the path of beauty.

Some nations call Him Yeshua, some call Him Jesus. He is the Waymaker back to the path of beauty.

Will you let Him make your way back to the Creator’s path of beauty? If so, just say “Jesus, lead me back to Creator’s Sacred Road. Forgive me for turning away. Thank you for loving me and showing me the way.”

You were created with love.  Contact us for your complimentary copy of the Sacred Road book, a contemporary English version of the New Testament. This book tells stories of the lengths the Creator will go to give you hope, to guide you through life’s journeys, and to restore you to His path of beauty.

Bryan Brightcloud

Bryan Brightcloud

VP of Polished Arrow

My name is Bryan Brightcloud. I’m Chiracahua Apache Fort Sill Band, member of the Buffalo clan, and a member of the Yellow Pollen Warrior Society. 

Meet Joseph & Martha Manzo

Joseph & Martha Manzo

Joseph & Martha Manzo

Hello from Medicen Song Ministry.  My wife Martha Gregg Manzo is Yupik Alaskan Eskimo. I am Joseph Manzo from the Chiricahua Apache Tribe of New Mexico.

Since the beginning of Creation, everyone has worshipped Him differently and with their own language and style of music. We share our walk with God and use the drum and dance as a prayer of great reverence to Him. We believe our regalia and songs are pleasing to God, and He delights in our worship. He has sent us to worship on many reservations and with many Tribes. It has been amazing to see Him heal people, change their lives, and reconcile them.

We have been invited to worship and speak at churches and parks. We perform weddings and share our culture with children at the school where I work. Martha and I have been at pow wows as dancers and / or vendors, giving out Sacred Road New Testaments, tracts, and other information.

Meet Michael Littlevoice

On The Sacred Road

Michael Littlevoice (Omaha/Ponca) danced and shared his stories with the children at the Wounded Knee School District and the Oglala Sioux school children on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Here in the video, he is dancing to Yeshua Hamaschiah, a pow wow style drum song about Jesus.

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